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Jenny is beginning her third year as a Middle School math teacher…

Jenny recently watched a video done by the Gadberry Financial Group and learned the three most important aspects of building a successful retirement for herself and her family. 1) Start saving early! 2) Stay invested despite the market condition and 3) Pay attention to investment expenses!

We hold educators in our highest esteem and believe that the education of our Nation’s youth is paramount to our continued prosperity. We also believe that educators are underpaid and underserved by traditional approaches to wealth accumulation and management. Gadberry Financial Group has created our Educators Fir$t program to ensure that everyone involved in the education system has access to comprehensive financial advice and education and the lowest cost investment management programs available.

Today, the voluntary 403(b) retirement savings plans available to most educators are built on expensive insurance chassis, and in the case of K through 12 educators, these retirement plans are not subject to the oversight of the Employee Retirement Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). ERISA is a federal law that sets minimum standards for most voluntarily established retirement plans in private industry to protect individuals in these plans. Not being subject to ERISA, the agents of many of these insurance companies are not subject to the highest fiduciary standard that is required of our independent Investment Advisor Representatives as outlined by the Department of Labor. We approach every one of our client advisory relationships with this highest fiduciary standard of care, whether compelled by ERISA or not.

In addition to holistic advice and education, professional and independent investment management, all our clients have access to their own secure personal financial website that provides up to date information of all their financial assets regardless of the custodian.

Gadberry Financial Group’s services for Education Professionals

As you mold the minds of our nation’s future, let us help you prepare for yours. We can help you set and achieve your financial goals for yourself and your family. Our mission, like yours, is to educate and empower our community – contact us for a free consultation.

Services include:

  • Holistic Financial Advice and Education
  • Enhanced Retirement Planning
  • Personal Financial Websites
  • Lifelong Income Strategies
  • Multi-Generational Legacy Planning

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